My name is Kyakuwadde Duncan, a facilitator Rushango youth camp. I joined Project 500K in September 2017. The most useful topic I found in this project was employability skills, which are skills needed by an individual to be employable by someone and to manage the work they are given. The employability skills that stood out for me were: communication, team work, working under pressure to meet the deadlines, and negotiations skills. Even when running a business, you have to be able to come up with a fair price that will profit you and the customer.

Since I started this program, I have been able to start my boda-boda business and use these skills to interact with my customers and work well with the other boda-boda men at my stage. Before I joined, I always thought you had to have a lot of money to start a business, but I learnt that you can raise resources for a business through loans, SACCOs, and family. I bought a motorcycle, and now I am working and getting something for myself.

Kyakuwadde Duncan facilitator Rushango youth camp

My name is Mujuni Emmanuel, a facilitator with Project 500K. As a trainer in the project, I have also been a student learning as I teach. The programme has helped me learn a lot about how to manage customers and how to manage my business. I really do like this project. It has taught me how to communicate better with my customers in my business and this in turn has seen me have more customers come in. I would like to say thank you to Patrick and Carol Bitature on bringing this project in Ibanda. I hope that this project is taken to other districts in the country so that everyone can benefit from it.

Mujuni Emmanuel facilitator with Project 500K

I am Sylvia Ayebare, a student of Alliance Vocational school and a member of Project 500K. I have learnt alot from this project like business idea generation and how to be creative in business. How I can start my own business instead of going by what everyone in the community is doing. The project has taught us how to be bold enough to think outside the box and start our own business. I call upon all people to join Project 500K for the betterment of their lives.

Sylvia Ayebare student of Alliance Vocational school and a member of Project 500K

My name is Byamukama Deus from Buwenda, a teacher by profession. Last year, I joined Project 500K and attended the youth camp at Ntungamo, Ibanda. Before I joined the project, I had 2 hens, but during the program I learnt about mindset change and how a negative mindset can limit your progress. I currently have 15 hens and I get a maximum of 14 eggs daily, which I sell to the local rolex stalls. Thank you Project 500K for changing my mindset and teaching me different skills that have helped me boost my business. I look forward to learning more from your different partners bringing practical skills in Phase Two.

Byamukama Deus teacher Buwenda